Most times when we initiate interactions with an opposing party on behalf of a client (X), the opposing party gets defensive once they hear the words ‘attorney to X’ or  ‘lawyers for X’. People generally have this on edge approach to interacting with lawyers because they either fear they are in trouble or whatever […]

Class of 91 set to reform law school, celebrates reunion

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Nigerian Law School class of 1991 has set out to restructure the Nigerian Law School. The initiative was conceived by members of the class, to mark the 25th anniversary of their call to Bar, in order to mend the loopholes in training legal practitioners in the school. […]

Judicial Corruption: Problem on Every Continent

Recently, Nigeria’s legal profession, most especially the Judiciary, went through a serious shakeup. Judges, including two Supreme Court Justices, and a few senior lawyers are facing corruption charges. Does this kind of occurrence obtain in USA? Being a seasoned lawyer and arbitrator with international experience, and also being a non-Nigerian with an objective point of […]